Turn Your Website in to a Mobile App

mobile-appsMobile devices are overtaking desktops and laptops at an astonishing pace. Businesses are constantly searching for new ways to grab the attention of their clients and customers. At one time, email was an effective way to reach out, but many rely on text messaging and social media to communicate.

Turn your existing website in to a downloadable mobile app

Your app will directly mirror your website and include all of its functionality. The mobile app will also automatically update when the website changes.

So what is the purpose? Among other features, push notifications! Push notifications provides a whole new way to stay connected to your customers and clients.

Your mobile app will allow you to send push notifications directly to those who have downloaded your app. You can send notifications about specials, a new house listing, a new opening announcement, or anything you can think of, complete with a link if desired. These push notifications pop up directly on the mobile device, getting your business instant attention.


  • “Push” Information To All Of Your Customers With A Press Of One Button
  • Promote A Product Or Service
  • One Touch – Call To The Company
  • One Touch – Map With Directions To Your Business
  • One Touch – Social Media (Facebook, Twitter..etc.)
  • Automatic Sync With Website Updates
  • Works Offline With No Internet Connectivity
  • Incorporate Rewards Program
  • Shopping Cart Functionality
  • Full Functionality of Your Website

With a mobile app, your business can stay connected with your clients in many powerful ways! Send push notifications directly to mobile devices with announcements, coupons, specials, news, or anything you can think of!

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