Classic Aire Care of St. Louis, Missouri

In just over three months, we have over 696 reviews with an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Classic Aire Care

The Problem

Classic Aire Care, a 90-year-old St. Louis heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) company, had spent thousands of dollars per year for over 10 years trying to acquire new clients through Yellow Pages ads, print flyers, and other kinds of traditional advertising. The cost of this type of advertising is high, and in 2011 Classic Aire Care realized that to see a profitable return on investment, they would need to start advertising in the digital marketplace. The company created a new website, hired a marketing manager, and brought in an outside marketing company to help them make the transition to digital marketing.

Unfortunately, even after spending a great deal of money, Classic Aire Care did not see a robust improvement in business. Classic Aire Care then turned to the experienced team of project coordinators, designers, and developers at PowerAdvocates for help with their digital marketing.

The Solution

One Website for All Devices

PowerAdvocates created a modern website with rich, useable content including social network links, content forms, and live customer reviews and testimonials. In addition, this powerful website is optimized specifically for mobile devices. It automatically detects the device and renders accordingly. The mobile version allows users to have access to quick buttons like click-to-call, instant address, and one-step
service buttons.

Facebook Advertising

By targeting specific audiences based on criteria such as geographic area, interest, and age, PowerAdvocates was able to use Facebook Advertising to increase “likes”, promote discounts and coupons, and drive thousands of people to the Classic Aire Care website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Classic Aire Care,wanted to be on page one in Google when customers are looking for HVAC services.  PowerAdvocates performed an SEO audit of  Classic Aire Care’s existing website and found that, because of a lack of

optimization, the website had poor search engine visibility. By utilizing various off-site and on-site optimization strategies—including developing dynamic blog content— PowerAdvocates has provided Classic Aire Care with a fully-optimized website that now appears on the first page for many competitive search terms.


Reputation Management

Reputation and review management software is one of the latest technologies in online marketing. It’s like having your own YELP customer review system that your company gets to control.

PowerAdvocates provides and manages software on the Classic Aire Care website that allows Classic Aire Care to display local reviews, allows for check-in content, and also includes application software for both iPhone and Androids with GEO specific technology. In just under three months, Classic Aire Care has received over 696 reviews and 4.9 out of 5 stars.

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